exa.foundation exists to inspire & engage the digital makers of tomorrow, support outstanding Computing in schools and promote safe, secure and appropriate use of technology.


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exa.foundation is a not-for-profit initiative from Exa Education designed to inspire, support and promote the effective use of technology in education; extending to teachers, children, schools, families and business.

We’re supporting a number of activities and UK events that impact upon learners at every level. Our activities include sharing inspiring and engaging resources, professional development opportunities for teachers and community events promoting the creative side of Computer Science and Digital Making.

We’re committed to supporting our community by providing inspirational and practical sessions that benefit our community; supporting the development of digital skills in a safe, welcoming and diverse environment.


Community Events

inspiring & engaging digital makers at hands-on events

Teacher CPD

supporting teachers to develop Computing in school

Case Studies

read about the impact of our activities

Teaching Resources

share and contribute to our popular teaching & learning resources


for more information about our events, activities and resources

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