is a not-for-profit branch of leading independent ISP Exa Education, founded back in 2015 in order to inspire, support and promote the effective use of technology in education. Our work is designed to benefit a wide range of groups in and around education - teachers, students, schools, families and even some businesses.

Our work covers a lot of ground - you'll see more about our activities below, with our work ranging from running and supporting events to developing valuable resources, helping organise initiatives and providing teachers with effective professional development opportunities.

Above all else, we're committed to supporting the local community by running inspirational, interesting and genuinely useful sessions, creating safe, welcoming and diverse environments for the development of digital skills.

The calendar spans practically the entire year, with hundreds of events happening every year in a huge range of locations and settings. We organise events with schools, hobby organisations and more, with the majority of our events being completely free-to-attend (and the others typically being low-cost).

On our upcoming events page, you'll be able to see what's coming up over the next few months for, along with a full archive of our past events. In most cases, we run events in response to requests from various organisations. If you're an Exa Education customer, we'll prioritise your request, but we're practically always able to organise events for any organisation making a request.


We've created a huge range of digital resources, most available completely freely, from Computing lesson plans to resource collections and more. Recently, we've launched a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) aimed at supporting those teaching the J276 Computer Science GCSE, helping teachers effectively utilise flipped learning techniques.

We've had some fantastic feedback for our MOOC (free for Exa customers, low-cost for others), with over 15,000 registered users (a huge proportion of those registered for the GCSE itself) seeing great results from using the MOOC. Click through to our online resources page for a complete look at the resources we've created:


A fundamental part of supporting Computing in schools is ensuring that teachers have the skillsets and knowledge necessary to support their students. With specifications and technology evolving rapidly, many teachers find themselves being somewhat left behind.

As such, a major part of's work is centred around providing teachers with Continuing Professional Development centred around Computing, running workshops and training camps covering everything from course specifications to Python coding, exam preparation and more. Over the year, we run a huge range of CPD events - click through to find out more about our work:


One of the major focuses at is getting young learners more engaged with Computing in all its forms, with many of our events being specifically student-focused. These take a number of forms, and cover a wide range of ground, from local events for families to in-school lessons and work with various hobby clubs around the country.

We work to help create more open, accessible environments, with fun, genuinely exciting activities for students at any level. Over the years, we've directly supported thousands of students - head through to our student support page to find out how:

There's a few different ways to get in touch with, whether you've got a question about any part of our work, want more information about our resources, events and activities, or want to organise an event. Get in touch at any of the following: