While the majority of exa.foundation's work involves offline events and activities, we've created a number of online resources designed to support learners wherever possible.

By far the most popular of the online resources we've created is our MOOC, an online platform built to support flipped learning for the J276 GCSE specification, effectively covering every part of the course where a flipped learning approach can be a genuine benefit.

Along with the MOOC, we've created and collected a wide variety of additional resources, and are currently working to produce even more - stay up-to-date on Twitter @exafoundation!


A MOOC, or Massive Open Online Course, is essentially a way for students to learn online rather than in the classroom, opening up some fantastic flipped learning possibilities.

Back in 2016, we developed our first MOOC, built to support teachers of the then-new J276 Computer Science specification, with our course collecting excellent resources, comprehensive testing, and effective progress tracking features for teachers, providing genuinely effective support for those using the service.

Our MOOC is totally free for Exa customers, with a small annual fee for non-customers (£100 + VAT), used to further develop the MOOC.

Since starting our MOOC, we've brought in an incredible 15,000+ users for the service, while also picking up a Bett Award nomination - click through for a complete overview of everything covered by our MOOC!


Along with our MOOC, we've created a wide range of free online resources for teachers to use in and around class, building fun, highly customisable activities for Computing learners. Below, you'll find some of our latest resources, including several lesson plans aimed at various age groups, and a full course overview on teaching Python - stay tuned for more resources!.


As well with the resources that we've personally created at exa.foundation, we've taken some time to curate collections of some fantastic digital resources available for teachers. Most of the resources we've linked to in the collections are entirely free to use, and range from lesson plans to useful coding resources. If there's a free resource you use that's not in these lists, don't hesitate to get in touch!