Across the year, runs dozens of events designed specifically for students, covering practically every age range from early years to college-level classes. Typically, we organise events in conjunction with a school or local club, working to reach out to local learners.

Our student-focused events come in quite a range of forms. If working with schools, we'll often head in to run a class, or several sessions, while in other cases, we'll run a family-focused hack jam in a locally accessible area, help out at Computing events, and far more.

On this page, we've put together some information about some of the student support events we organise - head over to our upcoming events page to find out what's happening near you!


Computing doesn't have to be a solo activity, and being able to explore a hobby with parents can be fantastic for children. As such, we run a wide range of family-focused events, mainly hack jams. In a typical event, we set up teams for pair programming tasks, with one member coming up with ideas for solving a problem, and the other actually building out the program (before switching roles).

With many of our events being based around incredibly popular games and hardware like Minecraft, micro:bit and Raspberry Pi, we create fun and exciting events for students and parents all year round.


As part of our programme of events, we work directly with a number of schools. In most cases, we'll run CPD sessions for local teachers at the schools, but we often run events specifically for pupils, teaching inventive and fun Computing classes.

With run by a CAS Master Teacher, we're able to create genuinely engaging sessions for students at practically any level, whether that involves creating custom lesson plans for teachers or actually coming in to run sessions.

Digital Makers are young learners who are particularly engaged with technology, typically being significantly more advanced than peers - often creating a problem when it comes to engagement in class. At, we've worked to support digital makers in and around the classroom in a number of ways.

We provide direct support to teachers to help the Digital Makers in their classes, including a number of resources and activities. Beyond this, runs a programme of events specifically aimed at Digital Makers - sessions for Computing clubs, support at local Raspberry Jams, and far more.


Coding Introductions

Digital Maker Support

Fun Computing Activities

Cybersecurity Lessons

An important aspect of the work that we do at is the availability of the support we provide - we don't believe in limiting our work to any one area. As such, we run student-aimed events across the whole country (head to our events page for a full list).

We organise most of our events following a request from a school or club in the area - if you're interested in us organising a Computing event near you, just get in touch via any of the below. If you're an Exa Education customer, we'll typically prioritise your request, while still running a wide range of events for non-Exa customers.